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Watch Inshallah Kashmir

Watch Inshallah Kashmir

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  • Inshallah Football

    Basharat is an 18 year old soccer player from war ravaged Kashmir. He has been selected to play in Brazil. This is his big ticket out of a state devastated by a brutal conflict. But when he applies for a passport his application is rejected.

    His crime? That he is the son of a Kashmiri militant.

  • 4 Daughters in Kashmir

    Oscar® nominated director Ashvin Kumar, who has spent a decade making films in Kashmir, journeys to the valley in November of 2018 to create a film in which daughters of two Indian army officers killed in Kashmir will meet with daughters of two alleged militants killed in Kashmir, by the Indian a...

  • Making Music

    A 16th century poetess, a Kashmiri folk singer who sings songs of protest and French composer duo travel across time and space, creating the music of No Fathers in Kashmir without having ever met each other.